Reclaimed Wood

Very popular these days in furniture design, reclaimed lumber adds texture and a rustic aura to any space. Thanks to generations of farming in Ontario, centuries old barns abound and are harvested for their floor boards, braces and beams. Floor boards can be well-worn from numerous years of diligent farm work; it’s these boards that typically make for the most interesting table tops — they’re rich in colour, grain pattern, and character.

Using salvaged painted boards can be an interesting direction to go in. With farm house and cottage interiors informing design ideas, newly distressed paintwork is becoming increasingly mainstream. Reclaimed painted boards, however, feature a genuine patina of multiple colours — the unique result of real history, and multiple coats of paint.

In the greater Toronto area, there are a number of well-stocked reclaimed lumber sources. Their stock varies depending on what comes in and goes out. Typically I go with my clients to view reclaimed lumber and we pick out the exact boards that will be used in the project.