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The master craftsman behind The Dovetail Shop is Toronto’s own Barry McCammon.

Watching my father painstakingly carve wooden ducks and make blanket boxes ... it fascinated me as a youngster in Milgrove, Ontario. I was hooked. So I suppose you could say it’s in my blood: the fine craftsmanship, the mastering of tools and techniques, the love of working with wood.

Many years later, now in Toronto, after a career of teaching physics, I'm able to dedicate my time to wood-carving and custom furniture. To see a client's eyes light up when they take delivery of their finished piece is such a thrill. Clients are, of course, involved throughout the process of designing and building. I get input from you when I need it, and you get to see your piece evolve. Just the way it should be.

Thanks for visiting The Dovetail Shop. And get in touch if you have any questions.

~ Barry McCammon
Article for Investors Group
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